Major Project Sites (abbreviated list)


  • Ft. Polk, Louisiana Bayne Jones Army Hospital
  • Ft. Polk, Louisiana Various Buildings
  • Ft. Hood, Tx Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center/ Hospital
  • Ft Hood, Tx Various Buildings
  • McNeese State University, Lake Charles Louisiana
  • Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Calcasieu Parish Schools, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Buildings, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • City of Lake Charles Buildings, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Christus St Patrick Hospital, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • WO Moss Regional Hospital, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Chennault Airfield, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Lafayette Parish Schools, Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Vermillion Parish Schools, Abbeville, Louisiana
  • New Iberia Schools, New Iberia, Louisiana
  • Iberia Parish Schools, New Iberia, Louisiana
  • Lamar University, Orange, Tx
  • Bridge City Independent School District, Bridge City, Tx
  • Beaumont Independent School District, Beaumont, Tx
  • Port Arthur Independent School District, Port Arthur, Tx
  • Hampshire Fannet Independent School District, Jefferson Co, Tx

Major Construction Customers


  • Alfred Palma Construction
  • Bessette Development
  • Lewing Construction
  • Ribbeck Construction
  • Priola Construction
  • Pat Williams Construction
  • Daniels Construction
  • John J. Kirlin
  • Charles Miller Construction
  • Miller and Assoc
  • The Ross Group
  • Marshall Erdman
  • Lemoine Company
  • United Excel
  • Marshall Company

Major Service Customers


  • Calcasieu Parish Schools
  • Calcasieu Parish Police Jury
  • Lake Charles Memorial Hospital
  • Womens and Childrens Hospital
  • Moss Regional Hospital
  • S/W LA Chamber of Commerce
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Capital One
  • Whitney Bank
  • Cameron (Iberia) Bank
  • Lafayette Parish Schools
  • McNeese State University
  • U of L University
  • Property One
  • Champion Real Estate
  • Cooper Cameron
  • Cheveron
  • Coastal Properties
  • Furgo Chance
  • Lafayette Consolidated Government
  • Abbeville General Hospital
  • Stone Energy
  • Dwight Andrus